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I am Ruta, a Lithuanian fashion designer and underwear lover.

I fell in love with fashion design a long time ago and am passionate about exploring and designing innovative ways to express the human body, skin and its movement.

After completing my Bachelor of Fashion Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts, I was able to put my knowledge into practice as a Designer for commercial brand ABOUT - The Sensology of Wear. Here I designed and brought into production loungewear, sportswear, nightwear and underwear for both women and men. Minimalist styles and lines helped me better appreciate commercial fashion design and to learn more about managing the process from beginning to the very end. 

My Masters project REAL LOOK (2018) involved two years of research into the human form and materials that promote wellbeing. My curiosity for material suitability comes from a respect for medical research and the psychology behind the way we think about fashion. I found the subject of differing skin conditions so fascinating and thought-provoking, that it became the inspiration for my Masters. ​


After my studies, I needed to expand my knowledge and gain global experience. I completed an internship at Grand Studio in Switzerland, an international design consultancy specialising in apparel innovation and sustainability. I was responsible for the trend research for the trend book “The Third Eye” 2021, as well as direct communication with manufacturing facilities abroad. This role provided me with essential commercial experience in sportswear design and technical documentation.


For almost two years I was working as apparel designer at “AB Audimas Brand”. Developing activewear collections from conceptualisation right through to production. My specialisation in fashion and movement of the human body has made creating apparel for an active life particularly exciting for me.

At the moment I am working as a creative director at “Thermowave”. Here I am responsible for the entire value of chain: trends, new fabrics development, branding, colors, prints and a fit perfection. In this role I can focus on creating quality clothing in optimal balance of commercial and edgy according to the brand philosophy. Paying attention to sustainability as a core element from design to livelihood of a product.


Additionally, my passion for underwear has led me to create two of my own collections in the last two years, both funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council. 

CHASTITY (2020) celebrates body changes through individual stories of female development. Physical scars, a direct symbol of experiences, speak of the transformation from girl to woman and the resulting self-understanding.

WOMANHOOD (2021) questions what it means for a woman to enter her thirties, after experiencing this myself recently. This collection seeks to answer “when is the right time to feel positive about my body and start enjoying it?”.


All my lingerie collections have a theme of body positivity, in order to challenge society’s ideal body standards. When I analyse the relationship I have with my body, I invite different women to share their experiences. My collections are inspired by their feminine strength. 


I am always happy to share my ongoing research findings about future trends and ways to engage the world with apparel of value. Contact me at: or via Linkedin.


2016 - 2018

Vilnius Academy of Arts MA in Costume Design 

2010 - 2014

Vilnius Academy of Arts BA in Costume Design 





Collection “Womanhood”

Funded by Lithuanian Culture Council

Collection “Chastity”

Funded by Lithuanian Culture Council

Collection “Real Look”

Young Designer Prize 2018

Design research

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