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Adventurous Bill

“Adventurous Bill” is a swimwear collection inspired by Lithuanian fairy tails we had heard during our childhood. Mesmerizing, daring, sparkly and that's why so incredibly inspiring – they encouraged to create the whole galaxies in our imagination. As a rule adultness let us forgot how mischievous we used to be, thanks to those magic stories.


I invite you to evoke our imagined yet so powerfull childhood adventures by wearing “Adventurous Bill” swimwear.


This collection is created by following sustainability principles. It is constructed, sewed and fully made locally here in Lithuania, the country I am deeply rooted, in collaboration with illustrator Indre Svirplyte.

P. S. Keep in mind that it's funny to wear “Adventurous Bill”, cause “Bill's nose goes whenever the wind blows”.

rutai (2).jpg
rutai (4).jpg
rutai (5).jpg
rutai (1).jpg

Photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite Bernote

image00002 copy.jpeg

Photographer Eliane Duerst

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