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Inspired by my master project „Real Look“, I proudly created the underwear collection „Chastity“ to celebrate the strength of women.

Five women tell their personal stories about how their bodies changed during certain periods in their lives.

Illustrator Salome Eichenberger created the pattern from the ruta flower. In Lithuanian folklore the flower symbolises the glory of feminine power, of purity and youthful chaste.

In collaboration with photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite, “Chastity” epitomises the beauty around the impact change can have on the body, leaving life scars. How these represent overcoming hardship and the transition from youthful purity to becoming strong women.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Culture Council

Ruta apatiniai (23).jpg
Ruta apatiniai (3).jpg

My pregnancy was really smooth, without surprises, but as the waiting was coming to end, changes in the body were clearly visible.

However, I am looking forward and believe that seeing baby will make such problems irrelevant.

Laima, 27

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Ruta apatiniai (9).jpg

Sometimes the simplest one visit to a specialist can protect us from really unpleasant consequences. I wish myself and others - don't hesitate.  

Melita, 29

Ruta apatiniai (14).jpg

But now I have the greatest joy that has completely turned my life around - the most beautiful child in the world. And a smile - shaped scar at the bottom of the abdomen reminds me of this story all the time.

Urte, 31

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Ruta apatiniai (4).jpg

In fact stretch marks are just a very feminine thing to me and sometimes even beautiful because there are a lot of mothers who have it after pregnancy.

Justina, 20

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Ruta apatiniai (16).jpg

Photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite Bernote

I don't think this scar has changed me, maybe I just realised that body isn't perfect and every imperfection of it can be interesting and kind of charming.
Ieva, 29

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