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The way to love yourself

Hello Reader, Throughout adolescence I was worried about my body. I was always the highest girl in the class, I was always clumsy, my leg was already 41 in the sixth grade, I had a small chest. I was confused to talk about it and I felt different. After finishing BA and later MA studies in Vilnius academy of Arts in fashion design I understood that beauty can be different. My Master’s project “Real Look”, which involved two years of research into the human form and materials that promote wellbeing. I found the subject of differing skin conditions so fascinating and thought-provoking, that it became an inspiration for my project.  ​And now, when I am in age of 29, I want to talk about body and its beauty in all ways. Every woman needs to feel beautiful in the way she is. In this section of my website I will share my knowledge, what I have learned in research of myself. Some of design perspective: about human body, underwear and its trends. And some thoughts about woman beauty and body power, which I am learning to know and find by myself. Best, Ruta

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