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Second skin

“Second skin in a move” is a creative design experiment that arose from my study of skin “defects”, this time with a focus on matching skin and material textures. 

I used the same model to explore the use of the following materials: gypsum, gypsum bandages, silicone, plastic and soy wax. Through a photoshoot with Photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite, I was able to analyse the different materials in terms of texture, interface with the human body and freedom of movement. To determine material suitability, I delved deeper into the materials different forms: primary, plaster, soy wax and polyester. 

​Primary form: through its elasticity, it perfectly adapts to human skin, and moulds around the contours. It can be stretched and it is easy to achieve the desired movement.

Plaster form: it is static, heavy and sculptural. More often in this form, its uses are decorative. It does not conform to human skin, but it pronounces skin wrinkles and hair.

Soy wax form: this form is characterized by solid sculpture and is quite transparent. The gauze layer is prone to flaking which causes the skin to look wet. Its rigidity allows you to imagine where tendons are located under the skin.

Polyester form: a transparent and sculptural form which allows the finite skin details to emerge, such as wrinkles, pores, hair and bruises.

rutai (11).jpg
rutai (10).jpg
rutai (8).jpg
rutai (4).jpg
rutai (3).jpg
rutai (6).jpg
rutai (9).jpg


Photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite Bernote

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