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Collection „Womanhood“ is a lingerie collection inspired by the fragility of time and female body transformation in their thirties. It touched me personally, because I turned 30 this year, hence, the question - when is the time to appreciate my body? 


Young girls always want to look older, however, once we reach that „older“ state, once you are 30, you think it is time to change something about your appearance. Consequently, the biggest question arises: when is the right age to feel comfortable within your body? To answer this question, I invited five different women in their thirties to share their experience, and to get inspired by their femininity and inner maturity. 

Animal print is something associated with primal instinct and power, there is sexiness about it encoded in our society. We can fight it or use it to our advantage, emphasize the power of femininity and feeling confident in our bodies, just wearing tiny pieces of fabric.


In collaboration with photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite, we have captured the maturity and beauty of five women in their thirties, who are not afraid of the changes in the bodies. They embrace the conversion, which grants them inner peace.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Culture Council


As we approach our thirties, identity becomes clearer. Through the realisation that even if imperfect, it is perfect. If imperfection exists at all.

I think everyone has imperfections, but they should be called "uniquenesses" because they are what make us different and  more interesting.
I have a lot of moles, and I find them kind of beautiful, but at the same time they remind me how important it is to take care of my skin and protect it.


For me, appearance is no just a reflection of wellbeing. Inner harmony, manifested on the outside.


I wouldn't say that it was at 30 that the magic "click" happened. Maybe it was more like a decade of interesting self-exploration, which also raised questions about the perception and acceptance of my body. 


Photographer Laima Kavaliauskaite Bernote

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